Our Common House

Common House is Germantown Cohousing’s Social Center

Our Common House sits at the end of the courtyard, creating Germantown Commons’s social center. A fully equipped kitchen and a spacious dining room will accommodate all residents for weekly dinner parties and provide space for special events.

We generally have one or more dinner parties each week, and members can opt in on a week-to-week basis. Dinner parties cut grocery costs for individual households and build bonds as we share this meaningful way of living.

With glass walls and a wrap-around porch, the common house is an inviting spot, inside and out. The porch overlooks two 100-year-old cottonwood trees and green space that we preserved. On our lot, 9/10 of an acre, 40 percent is green space.

The common house, with the green space, is the only group-owned property at Germantown Commons. Just as in condo developments and subdivisions governed by an association, homes are privately owned. Residents are free to sell their homes at any time without asking for their neighbors’ permission.

Inside the common house we have a television lounge with fireplace, children’s playroom, guest rooms, laundry facility and activity room. We expect viewing parties, yoga classes, cooking classes, wine tastings and children’s activities.


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